Braidwood clearly wears his influences well, such as The Beatles, Nick Lowe, Matthew Sweet, Squeeze, Nilsson, Emitt Rhodes, The Odds, cheezy 60’s pop, Klaatu, Ian Gomm, innumerable one-hit wonders, Gilbert O’Sullivan, Marshall Crenshaw, Queen, and many, many more.

Braidwood brings 40 years of musical experience to the table. Like a perfectly aged wine, his songs have mellowed into fine & fun, highly melodic pieces of classic-style pop rock ready to pour.

It’s clear Braidwood understands melody and pop song construction, with strong melodies and lyrics that are clever and catchy. Well crafted melodic rock tailored to a more discerning, mature audience. As a singer-songwriter, Braidwood’s songs fall within the classic pop rock genre, but stylistically, they’re pretty varied — a little bit of something for everyone.